Below are the most common services offered by GCL Consulting.

General consultation encompasses every type of work imaginable that can be done to or on a computer. Billed hourly with a minimum charge of one hour, GCL Consulting offers expert advice and solutions to today's computer woes. Hourly consulting rate is $100. Note that in some cases travel charges may apply.

Computer Maintenance is an ongoing contract of monthly or bi-monthly service billed on a "per computer" basis. The purpose of having a computer maintained regularly is to keep it working optimally at all times. Included in all maintenance services is a one hour "on retainer" (not cumulative or transferable). Should any issue arise between services, GCL Consulting will promptly respond to the emergency and if the issue is resolved under an hour, there is no additional cost! 

Maintenance agreements:  



(Per session)


(3x Prepaid)


(6x Prepaid)


(Per session)


(6x Prepaid)


(12x Prepaid)

Single PC



(3x $80)


(6x $75)



(6x $65)


(12x $60)

Small Office (2-5 PCs)



(3x $65)


(6x $60)



(6x $50)


(12x $45)

Medium Office (6-12 PCs)



(3x $50)


(6x $45)



(6x $35)


(12x $30)


 Data backup/recovery is an important part of any business or person that has valuable information which would cause problems in case of loss. GCL consulting offers manual backups via USB drive which are stored offsite to a secure RAID hard drive or an automatic backup which stores daily to the cloud. All backups are kept for up to 1 year. GCL consulting will restore at no cost any backup that is less than 60 days old. Normal consulting rates will apply for older backups.

Manual backup costs:

  • Up to 500G @ $50 + time
  • Up to 1T @ $75 + time
  • Up to 2T or more @ $125 + time

Automatic remote backup costs as part of regular maintenance:

  • Up to 500G @ $40
  • Up to 1T @ $50
  • Up to 2T or more @ $75


Pre-purchase consultation is to help you get the best computer to meet your current and planned needs. Often computer salesmen will either oversell or undersell because they do not understand your needs or because they work on commission. GCL Consulting offers impartial expert advice to determine your exact requirements and to make sure that the computer you select will be a perfect match. Rate for market investigation and suggestion is $25 and will include up to 3 quotes from various sources, this fee is waved if I perform the installation and configuration. Flat rate for installation and configuration is $150. Data transfer from previous computer is an additional $100.

Business/Personal Consultation is a service offered by me to share my business and personal experiences, successes and failures. I offer expertise in the areas of business structure and life planning. This service targets a person or business in or about to enter a transition period. Clients needing an impartial third party to bound ideas off or to offer objective opinions on situations can also use this service. Hourly consultation rate is $150 with a minimum of $150. Prior to consultation please give me 48h notice on subject(s) to be discussed so that I may be prepared.